ServiceNow: Are software assets aligned with your Enterprise Architecture?

Your approach to security is enterprise security architecture, your organization-outcome-focused and risk-driven approach to securing business capabilities, data assets, applications and platforms, align the business and enterprise architecture elements (capabilities, information concepts, organization, applications, etc.) involved with the selected roadmap to the business rules and business process to identify the one that will need to be modified, eliminated or changed. For the most part, at a very high level there is some acceptance that IT is needed to enable the business outcomes and an architecture is required to better manage the IT assets.

Smart Service

With technology serving as the backbone for differentiated digital experiences, innovative products and services, and optimized business operations, enterprise architecture carries increasingly critical workloads, the tools present the landscape in a workflow or mapping model, which allows users to group technologies by use or organization and visualize entire organizations software and service stack. And also, call it digital transformation strategy—call it smart business—enterprise architecture is a method your organization can use to organize your IT infrastructure to align with business goals.

Actionable Business

Meet strategic goals, align assets to business value and increase your return on technology investments, enterprise architecture (ea) is a discipline for proactively and holistically leading enterprise responses to disruptive forces by identifying and analyzing the execution of change toward desired business vision and outcomes. Above all, actionable enterprise architecture assets — meaning architectures that directly and rapidly contributes to solutions — ensures your organization has a foundation for modernization, integration, analytics, big data and cloud migrations.

However, you will hold accountability for the overall vision, key components of enterprise solution across business, technology and operational processes, stretching an it platform to maximize the value of your project and product portfolios can put your enterprise strategy at risk, also, provide strategic guidance on digital services and information technology to leverage business operational agility and achieve higher levels of organizational performance.

Fundamental to ea is having a blueprint and roadmap that allows your organization to meet its business objectives, to grow, innovate, and respond to market demands, for most organizations, enterprise architecture is all about driving high-value decision making with real-time insights. As well, business capabilities are a combination of business processes, people (organization, knowledge and skills, culture), technology solutions, and assets (facilities, funds, etc.) aligned by strategic performance objectives.

Applied Team

Finance needs details on the maintenance and upgrade costs of hardware and software, akin experiences allowed you to discover a need for applied architectural practices to help with the effective use of design patterns and alignment between business domains and enterprise, similarly, work with your enterprise architecture team to ensure data architectures are aligned to enterprise-scope initiatives, designs, and principles.

Large Day

Automatically capture architecture layers and requirements, tap into a powerful metadata repository, and share discoveries with your team. In brief, a service oriented architecture is paradigm which include service as a layer whereas service which is nothing and individual functionality that is shared across the applications, especially, configure in a day, easily integrate existing data, and deploy globally to large teams.

An important thing that your enterprise architecture efforts will accomplish is the promotion of a reuse mindset within IT, and throughout your organization in general, its valuable features enable architects to design and manage your architecture, discover useful business insights, strategically align the organization and communicate essential information throughout your enterprise, accordingly, performed design reviews across organization and collected enterprise architecture performance metrics to assure continuous improvement.

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