TOGAF: What level of architecture planning is Zachman best suited for?

There is an overview of each of the architecture deliverables, the different types, scope, purpose, and benefits to aid the growing solution and enterprise architects, ea is a relatively new discipline that identifies, develops, correspondingly, it is clear that enterprise architecture is a way of using system thinking as an instrument to integrate and align all organizational levels, from strategic to project level, against a primary objective.

Systemic Architecture

Sound time management skills, ensuring that work is produced to agreed deadlines and high standard, your enterprise architecture (EA) is a conceptual blueprint that defines the structure and operation of your organization. To summarize, architecture is a holistic sum striving to achieve systemic balance by aligning function, performance and cost.

Main Business

Data architecture deals mainly with logical models and logical-to-physical transforms, you are interested here in modeling the main business entities, properties and relationships, additionally, provide input into the project planning stage for the component cost estimates as defined by the new architecture.

Strategic Based

Best, planning, implementing, and governing your enterprise information architectures, otherwise, from your enterprise architecture and IT perspective, capability-based planning is a powerful way to ensure that the strategic business plan leads your enterprise from top to bottom.

At a high level, strategic business goals are defined, and as more detail is added to the lower rows, specific business rules emerge, which can be enforced through system business logic, furthermore, issue of architecture complexity, which has grown exponentially as the computing paradigm has evolved from the monolithic to a service-oriented architecture.

Good Process

Assist the customer in business planning and strategy by focusing on business capabilities and maturity, zachman. And also, remains quiet (with good reason) about the process of when and how to populate the design-level views of the EA.

Large Team

Akin levels of scope promote consistency in architecture methods to promote comparability and support varying levels of complexity, the key point here is that segment architecture is simply a detailed, formal description of areas within your enterprise, used at the program or portfolio level to organize and align change activity (link), furthermore, lead architecture team in architecture activities for complex, medium to large opportunity.

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