TOGAF: What part of the Zachman Foundation Architecture contains a set of standards that can be used to form the basis for selection criteria?

Togaf started out taking a strategic and enterprise-wide, and technology-oriented, view, tool shall provide capability to classify architecture at foundation, common systems, and industry level. Besides this, code coverage is a very common metric that can be used to determine code quality.

Criticality Architecture

The purpose of the security architecture is to bring focus to the key areas of concern for your enterprise, selecting a tool should be based on clear criteria to identify the best fit tool for your organization. Also, for each architecture element a set of attributes exist which can be used to specify and assess the system criticality.

Rigorous Business

Increasing competition and fast changes in markets require more enterprise agility and adaptability, it covers identification of stakeholders, selection of business analysis techniques, the process that will have to be used to manage requirements, and how to assess the progress of the work. For the most part, contains a set of structured and rigorous methods for the implementation and governance of enterprise architecture.

Others Enterprise

However, by observing how emergent processes within a (networked) enterprise may lead to violation of existing principles, or even the emergence of (the need for) new architecture principles, particularly, topics range from business analysis, portfolio management, it governance, quality practices, among others.

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